As If I Don't Have Enough Issues...
I think I've probably mentioned a time or two that my office could double for the SOCC morgue. yeah, it really is that cold in here. I hate it. Anyway, I'm slowly learning to at least remember to bring a jacket to wear while I'm in my office, regardless of the temperature outside. So today I have on my black dress pants and dress shoes and a pink tank-top (and look kinda cute). I brought with me this new black jacket with white piping that I got for 3 whole cash dollars at the Sam's Club a couple weeks ago. So, after doing my Monday morning counting, I went ahead and put it on...like an hour ago.

Dear reader, I've been walking around with a sticker that says "large" on my breast for the last hour. You know, one of those size stickers....Now, I have issues with my chest size anyway (my whole family has been well blessed), and then I'm walking around my place of employment, my CHURCH with a sticker that says large right there. I noticed it a few seconds ago when I went to the restroom. Hopefully no one else noticed...how embarrassing!


  1. Classic. I actually laughed out loud at this one. Even teared up a bit...

  2. me, too. good one.