So I had to run some errands on my way to work this morning; drop off my rent and run to the dr.'s office to pick up a letter...and decided what I really wanted was a nice big glass of O.J. and a hashbrown from McDonald's for breakfast. There wasn't really a line, so I swung through the drive thru, placed my order, gave the nice man at the first window 2.24, and proceeded up to the second window. I got my hashbrown and my OJ in rapid order...and then I sat there for like 10 minutes. Why, you ask? Because the McDonald's people put the trash can and the newspaper boxes right beside the drive thru. The van in front of me decided to sit there and READ the stupid front pages of both of the newspapers through the glass, while a line was forming behind them. The girl in the window looked out and shook her head and made a motion like I should honk. Now, I don't like to honk my horn; I think it can be rude...but it didn't really matter because the guy in the car behind me got to it first. The woman passenger in the van turned around and gave me a dirty look, to which I smiled. Then, they went back to reading for a few more seconds before inching EVER SO SLOWLY forward enough for me to get around them...

...in response I say...uh, right. Who put the newspaper boxes right there in the first place? If a pedestrian wanted to get one, they'd probably get ran over while standing there fishing change out of their pocket. But still, who sits in their car eating and reading the front page of the paper (at least what is above the fold, which is usually a pretty big picture and not a lot of text) knowing that there are people behind you?

I just don't get it sometimes, I'll be honest :)

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  1. people are dumb. and i realize they just don't think. i don't get it either.