The Many Hats of Church Communications Workers

Recently, I was thinking about all the hats a church communications worker wears in any given week. The job is crazy fun and crazy stressful all at the same time. I've compiled a list of just a few of the hats I wear as a church comm worker:

The Ringmaster

I've never met a church communications worker who doesn't feel like they're managing a bit of a circus sometimes. They have 1,000 plates in the air at once and keeping them all from crashing down requires patience and precision. They are in the middle of the action, helping staff and congregation members focus on what is the most important things in a slew of information.

The Construction Worker

Communications workers don't sit at their desks and just delegate. They are often the ones creating the products, approving changes to plans, making sure orders are processed on time and down in the thick of church work. They're not foreman but laborers, working hard to ensure they are helping vision grow and people come to know Jesus.

The Artist

They are, by their very nature, creative people. They work hard to make beautiful, captivating art, even if that is in the form of brochures, bulletins and postcards. They help create a mood and tell a story before the sermon is preached or the new product is unveiled. They use all their creative juices in their jobs, but still manage to find ways to refresh outside of the daily 9-5.

The Counselor

Sometimes people need to talk, to vent and to just be frustrated. Because church comm workers spend so much time with everyone on their staff, they often find themselves in situations where someone needs to talk it out and get something off their chest. They know complaints are rarely about what someone thinks and there is usually something deeper going on. They are not afraid to close the door, speak in private and help others do their jobs well.

The Champion of All Ministries

No one wants a program to succeed quite like a church communications worker. They may not agree with every decision that happens at their church, but once something has been decided, they are the advocate for making sure the congregation, other staff and leadership are all on the same page and working toward a common goal. They create pieces that create an environment that breeds success and helps ministries to grow. They champion the biggest programs and the smallest groups equally. While not everything gets the same treatment, they are all respected and the church communications worker wants them to succeed at any and every level.

The Friend of the Late Night

As much as they would love to have all the info they need in plenty of time, many church communications workers find themselves working long, crazy hours in short bursts of time. Deadlines mean that things have to be done, regardless of what the clock says. Church comm workers know that crazy hours come with the territory. They work hard, and then hopefully can take some time off to relax and regroup!

These are just some of the hats I wear. What are yours?

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