Pretty Much Perfect

This has been a pretty perfect weekend.  How can I say that?
  • Dinner and hanging out with the Lanham family on Friday
  • Thai food (my favorite), some shopping and hanging out with Tim on Saturday.  Plus a nap.
  • Worship led by my Paul & Abigail this morning (also my favorite), then lunch with them, their kids and the Kershner family.
  • Super Bowl fun with the Griles, including yummy food and a silly little girl.
  • Now we're watching the end of the game, the puppy is almost asleep, and I'm content.
Sometimes I forget just how blessed my life is.  I have great friends and great family. I have a great life, and am eternally thankful for the mercies and blessings I receive every day.  This could get sappy fast, so I won't make it long.  Just wanted to say this:  my heart is happy.

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