No Blog Yesterday?

I didn't blog yesterday for one reason and one reason only - girl time.  I needed it, and my friend Amy needed it.  So, we left our husbands with her kids and went to Cracker Barrel (what can I say, we're WILD!) to eat, talk, eat, talk, eat...you get the idea.

Girl time is something that I take very seriouslyWhen I don't get my girl time in on a regular basis, it definitely makes a difference in my life.  I find myself less tolerant, less patient and more emotional.  I know it's because I haven't had that one-on-one connection with the important women in my life enough.  I think women, more so than men, have been wired for relationship and community.  There are parts of my life that just make more sense once I have the time to hang out and enjoy time with girls.  Amy and I first met because our husbands worked together.  I am so grateful that they met, and even more glad that, because of their working together, Amy and I became friends.  She is like a big sister I never had, full of wisdom and character, and willing to laugh with me and at me at the same time! 

Last night was much needed for both of us - we needed to just talk and get away for a little bit, and it was made all the better over comfort food (sorry, weight watchers) and iced tea.  We were able to have an honest conversation about the ups and downs of life, and left feeling better because of it (and I think she did, too).  My only regret is that we don't get to do it enough! 

I feel the same way about the time I get to spend with Amy that I do about the precious time I get to spend with Beth, Jenna, Liz, Jenny and any number of my girlfriends. We all lead busy, complicated lives, and getting together is hard.  But, when the stars align and I am able to get that much needed one-on-one time with the girls in my life, I feel like I'm a better person.  Time with my girlfriends makes me a better wife.  It makes me a better employee.  It makes me a better me.

So I didn't blog last night, because I was enjoying living life and then I was just too tired to write about it!

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