If I had to sum up the world in one word today, it would be soggy. The foot-ish of snow that fell last week and earlier this week is all but gone. It melted away in the lovely 50-something weather. The ground is wet, the air is wet, the world is wet. It's ugly and gross outside - once the snow is gone, there is just dirt left. But, the positive side is that I got to spend some time outside and got to actually open the windows while I was doing my least-favorite chore - ironing. The world smelled fresh and reborn. I know this won't last, I know that it's only the middle of February (or, more accurately, the beginning of February) but it's making me hunger so much for sunshine and spring - for long walks outside and time reading on the front porch.

Spring, please don't tease - be here to stay!

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