With Friends Like These...

It's been one of those insane and crazy weeks at work. A million things coming due all at the same time, plus the added stress of big weekend events, a couple videos, and the usual whatnot that happens when you work at a church. One of the things adding to the stress for me is that a good friend is leaving the church to pursue a job in the corporate world. I think it's a great decision for him, and for his family, but I would be lying if I said it didn't leave me a little sad and leave a spot missing. He has done so much to push the church, and I think has made a greater impact that he even realizes. Him leaving is a giant loss to us - and just another in the line of losses that have happened over the last few years. There have been a lot of changes and we've had to say good-bye to some good friends.

Nevertheless, I was reminded last night of a friendship that has only continued to grow through all the changes. Korry and Tessa have been friends of mine for a long time, it seems. We have hung out together a few times, but usually see each other in the context of work - you see Korry is another staffer - and one that almost got away. God seemed to have other plans, though, so they are still here, which I have come to appreciate more and more over the last several months. Korry and Tessa continue to challenge my faith, my thoughts, and urge me to grow. As a couple, their marriage is something I admire - you can tell they are each other's biggest fans and biggest supporters. As Christians, their faith and their beliefs are deeply rooted in their desire for authentic community and relationships. At the same time, I take heart knowing that they can see the potential, no matter how small, in the glimpses of progress at church. Together, they push the envelope, but push it with grace and humility.

Anyway, Thursday night after rehearsal and before a LONG weekend, we had inpromptu dinner with Korry and Tessa. It was refreshing to spend time with them, to just hang out, talk, and 'do life' together as the saying goes. I have always enjoyed their company, Thursday night I realized just how much I appreciate their friendship and influence in my life.

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  1. Oh, friend! You are too sweet to us! If you only knew how highly we think of you and Tim and how we have enjoyed every moment we've shared with you guys...thank you thank you.