It's My Life

My Monday evening was a little strange...

Monday night Tim and I went to Wal-Mart in search of Halloween costumes and a pumpkin (yeah, I know it's a bit too late, but our lives have been really crazy). We had no luck with the costumes or the pumpkins - but did manage to buy some new sunglasses and a clock for my bathroom.

All in all, a non-successful trip to Wal-Mart after a series of unsuccessful stops. we were in the parking lot, and there was this old beat up toyota truck parked behind Tim's car. We're talking rusted out, you know...OLD. I walked by it, glanced in the bed, and yup...totally a dead deer staring at me.

I totally did one of those walk by, see a hoof attached to a leg and thing...NAH, couldn't be...

So you walk back and take a closer look and yup, it totally is - dead deer just tossed in the back of a truck on top of some old tires and junk.

Seriously, what does that say? I mean, I've always thought Wal-Mart could be a little...sketchy...but wow...

So, that was my Monday night. How was yours?

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