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I have posted min-reviews in the sidebar, but here is what I've thought about in regards to the first three books I've read for the fall into reading challenge.

The Jane Austen Book Club:
Okay, I haven't READ Austen in quite awhile, but I had high hopes for this book. It seemed like it would be a good read, and it was fine, but not as good as I had hoped. I thought the stories of the characters were well-defined and interesting, but then there was this gimmick of adding Ms. Austen to the mix. I honestly think the story would have been just as entertaining without the references to Austen and her works. I checked the original hardback out of the library, but saw the paperback with the movie poster on the front. After reading the book, I'm really interested to see how the actors they've chosen play the parts - because the women in my head were VASTLY different than the actors they hired. (Yes, I know that's a side note, but still).

If you enjoy Austen and enjoy good, easy literature, this is worth the read. It's a good beach read, or, since it's fall, a good fireplace read.

Lisey's Story:
If you don't enjoy Stephen King, just skip this review. If you do like King, or are at least interested in him, then you will probably enjoy Lisey's Story. This is not the gory, graphic Stephen King of IT. It is also not the flat out scary King of Bag of Bones. (side note: Bag of Bones is probably the scariest book I've ever read. Seriously, it was a lights on, broad daylight kind of read for me). Instead, Lisey is an almost mythical, fantasy story about two worlds and how the intersect in the minds and lives of a creative few. The tragic death of Lisey's husband and the subsequent journey into the world he created and embraced is the heart of the book. While it is not King's best work, it is probably one of my top 10 King novels.

Who Is Killing the Great Writer's of America
This book was dumb. Honestly, it's not worth reviewing. If you want to be bored for a couple hours, read it. If you're stuck in a dentist chair and every back issue of Popular Mechanics is gone, I guess it would do. I have rarely disliked a book like I disliked this book. (And yes, I do have a pretty good sense of humor. this book was just DUMB!)

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