Things You Didn't Know...

My friend David just did this meme on his blog and said he wanted his friends to do it. It's early on a Monday and my brain isn't quite ready for the task of figuring out what to do, so here you go :)

Directions: Post 10-20 weird and random facts about yourself that most people wouldn't know. Then tag 5 friends to do the same.

  1. The first few months of my life, I lived in a Tee-Pee with my mom and dad.

  2. I have serious issues with sleeping with the closet door open.

  3. I can't eat shrimp - it's completely a texture thing - and watching other people eat them kind of freaks me out.

  4. I prefer to be cold when I sleep. Lots of blankets is better than sweating!

  5. I don't like to camp, but really love campfires.
  6. My little brother and I share a birthday.
  7. I probably wear pink 4 out of 7 days any given week.
  8. I chew on the inside of my lip when I'm thinking.
  9. I had my first poem published when I was 11.
  10. I wanted to be president of the moon when I was growing up.
  11. I was a girl scout until I was a sophomore in high school.
  12. I once had to eat lunch alone in my classroom in 1st grade as punishment for something I didn't do, but my teacher wouldn't believe me.
  13. I bite my fingernails when I'm nervous.
  14. I HATE the phone, especially at work.
  15. Halloween is my least-favorite holiday, because the pressure to dress up is too much - but I'm still going to Korry & Tessa's party and will enjoy myself!
  16. I have had my thyroid tested twice because I'm thirsty all the time.
  17. I've been wearing glasses since 2nd grade and contacts since 8th.
  18. Sometimes I swear my teeth itch!
  19. I don't think I lead a very exciting life.


  1. You must explain the teepee. Itchy teeth? Bizarre. And you HAVE TO post your published poetry!!!

  2. Anonymous12:29 AM

    You lived in a tee pee? No way. Haha, sweet.

  3. yes, a teepee...it's just one of those things. i'll try and remember to either scan or bring some pictures back next time i go home.