Today I feel more like a homeowner than I have. Why? Because Tim is outside mowing (a sound that I love and find comfort in, I don't know why) and I'm doing laundry, cleaning, and just watched Roomba do his magic. I know Saturdays won't always be like this but it's nice to feel like we're taking care of something we both love and are proud to own. It's a very grown-up feeling, as well!

I have more to say, but not sure what. Just feel like blogging. Last night Tim and I went to Indianapolis with our friends Jason and Amy to see Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy (courtesy of Liz!). The show was a lot of fun and I am SOO glad we went. I am also so glad Jason and Amy were able to go with us. We haven't done a lot just the four of us since their kids were born, but the times we do get to hang out and just be with each other are always so refreshing for me. It's nice to know you have good friends you can just relax with and that they are never more than a phone call away. There haven't been many big issues in my life in the past several years (praise God) but those than have happened, I have always known I can count on Jason and Amy to help!

In other news, I spoke to my friend Paul this morning. As you may or may not remember, he and his family are currently missionaries in Ireland. The past several months have been hard for them - a lot of not knowing what the future holds and where they are supposed to be and stuff like that. They made a huge decision this weekend, and I know Paul has peace about it for maybe the first time in a year. More changes are coming, but they at least have a direction for where they are headed right now, and that has to be refreshing!

I have read two of the books on my fall reading challenge list - "Who Is Killing..." and "Lisey's Story." "Who is Killing..." was dumb. "Lisey's Story" was very good. Probably one of my top five Stephen King novels. Not too scary or too gory, but a really good story nonetheless. I enjoyed it.

Okay, I'm rambling and I've rambled on enough....

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