It's All Because of You....

On Sunday Tim and I will celebrate our one year anniversary! This is a very exciting time in our lives as I think back to what was going on this time last year. Last minute wedding details - tying ribbons on coke bottles, washing honeymoon clothes, packing, finding flowers...the week before the wedding seems to be mostly a blur of activity, packing up my apartment, and hanging out with my mom. Tim and I were lucky - we had our moments of stress, but for the most part, the wedding planning experience was exhausting but fun (at least I thought so).

Despite some rainy days in the week leading up to the wedding, October 21 was a beautiful fall day. The leaves were at their peak of color, the sky was blue, and it was the big day!

I could not imagine a more beautiful morning and more exciting day. I hardly slept the night before, but suddenly I was about to become a wife! Not talking to Tim that morning was so hard - I wanted to say good morning, I love you, I'm going to be your wife! I wanted to kiss him and hug him, but we stuck to tradition.

Tim and his groomsmen were a handsome crew! I couldn't wait to see them, even though I was starting to get a little nervous myself. I loved my dress, I loved my hair, but would the finished product be everything I hoped?

The moment was finally here. Ready to go and excited to see Tim, everyone lined up. Music swelled, I fought back tears....

Mom, Harry, and Cameron had never looked so handsome and beautiful to me. Standing there with my family while they promised to accept Tim, to let us live our lives toether, and to cherish each of us, was a beautiful moment.

It was a beautiful and wonderful day, that's for sure.

And, what's more, it has been a beautiful, wonderful year full of adventure, travel, laughter, good times, great memories, and growing closer each day. Tim is more the man of my dreams today than he was a year ago. I know I will love him more tomorrow than I love him today. He is my guardian, my support, my biggest champion, my forever love.

Here's to a wonderful first year! I love you, Tim!


  1. Happy, happy anniversary! So fun to see the photos, since my view was of your back! :) You were a beautiful bride and it was a beautiful wedding. And you're a beautiful wife! :)

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Can't believe it's been a year! Congratulations!

  3. Emily, I've been meaning to post a congratulations comment for days, but we were away from the internet until late last night.