Summer Cold

No, it's not an oxymoron - it's the sickness that i'm currently fighting with all of the energy i can muster. it started thursday morning as a sore throat and runny nose and has steadily progressed into a full out chest cold, complete with painful couch, sore throat, scratchy voice, and extreme fatigue. i'm at work, although i'd really rather be home and i'm not sure, honestly, how long i'll make it today. it seems that doing anything for more than a couple of hours makes me downright tired. I may have to nap sooner rather than later. That's the good thing about being able to clock in and out at the desk, i guess. i can clock out, climb into my comfy chair, and sleep for awhile, then clock back in.

tim is such a wonderful guy when i'm sick. he's been an angel this weekend, taking care of me, making sure i eat, and just letting me rest. i just pray he doesn't get sick, too!

not a lot to post here, obviously, and nothing too serious. I just get whiney when i'm sick and felt like complaining a little. :)


  1. With your post title, I thought you might be referring to a London summer. ;) Just kidding! But, praying for you friend, to get better. I always want my mommy when I'm sick. Will you see the Steiners soon?

  2. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Feel better soon, Em!