Breathing Peace

The last two evenings have been so wonderful - spending time with friends and relaxing.

Tuesday night, Tim and I had dinner and hung out with two of our absolute favorite people in the entire world. It's funny how friendships that mean so much can form so quickly sometimes. Jason went from being a potential boss, to a co-worker, to a mentor, to a friend, to almost family. Amy went from being Jason's wife, to a casual friend, to a close friend, to someone I look up to like the big sister I never had. Together, they have taught me so much about what it means to be honest, to love, and to grow together. Their marriage has shown me what a Christian marriage is supposed to look like (meaning, it's not always perfect and roses, but it's always there always present always loving and kind).

Just spending time with them is refreshing to my heart. They remind me that, yes, lives change and friendships change, but that isn't always a bad thing. Their friendship reminds me that I'm in a different place than I was a few years ago, but this is a good place, too. That friendship, real friendship, does still exist, even outside the comfort of 8th Street.

Nothing we do is complicated - it usually involves food, playing with their son, watching TV/movies, or playing games - but it's always such a joy for me.


And then last night I spent with Liz. I know I have said this before on this blog, but one of the best things about my life is my friendship with Liz. Together, we don't have to DO anything, we just spend time together, generally in silence, doing nothing. Just breathing in and reconnecting with a friendship that came straight from God through a slightly crazy path. We were thinking about that last night - how our friendship came to be and how strong it is today. Last night consisted of dinner, target, a rainstorm, some TV, and some quiet..and it was JUSt what I needed. I wish we lived closer and hung out more, but the times we do spend together are just so perfect and great and refreshing...


  1. I am humbled and refreshed. Thank you for your sweet thoughts. The idea of being like family is so true. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Just got to this.

    We love having you guys around. Good friends are hard to come by, it seems.

    We love you guys!