Ponderings & Promises

Can I just tell you how tired I am of always being tired? I'm not sure when my life got so crazy - I'm not sure when looking at my calendar made me exhausted. I think it was sometime before all the wedding planning started! After almost seven wonderful months of marriage, I thought life would slow down. Wow, was I wrong! I know I am involved in more and doing more than I have for a long time. I know that I have friends and family and commitments that are keeping me busy. I know, for some reason, my job is just insane right now. But, all that aside, I am TIRED of being TIRED. I think I need a weekend where I can not get out of my pajamas, sleep for 20 hours straight, and just be a bum. Maybe I'll schedule that for sometime in 2008!

I know it sounds like I'm complaining, and I am a little, but I do have to admit that it is mostly good things that are taking up my waking hours. Challenges and new learning opportunities at work, time with Tim and my family, roadtrips to Chicago and Jasper, involvement in new ministries and meeting new people and making new friends, extra jobs to help make some extra money...it's all good stuff, there's just a lot of it.

I just got back from spending all day at a financial practices for non-profits lecture in Noblesville. Traffic was insane and I just walked in the door after leaving at 7:00am this morning. It was a good day and I learned a lot and have a lot to think about, but wow, I am so not an accountant! Lately I've been thinking I could become an accountant, that I could even enjoy it...but today I realized that tax law is still boring to me and, while it would be challenging, I don't think I would be happy for any length of time. Good to know before I make some random career move! (and to those of you reading this who know where I work and what I do for a living, no, I am NOT planning on leaving any time soon...just keeping my options open and trying to remember to look toward the future).

This weekend I am planning on relaxing, doing some freelance work, and spending time with the man I love. Sounds like a great plan to me.

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  1. I completely understand. I feel guilty every time I say that I'm tired. I feel like I'm too young to be this tired all the time. Yet I am, and like you, I'm TIRED of it.

    I try not to complain, but it isn't easy. I keep thinking that one of these days I'll figure out the secret to not being tired. I'll be sure to let you know if that ever happens.