What happens when over 40,000 people come together on one morning? Over 2,000,000 dollars is raised for breast cancer research and funding. Lives are changed. Hope is restored.

This is the second year my mom and I have participated in the Komen Race for the Cure. It is such a moving experience for me that it's sometimes hard to put into words. For my mom, this is the first year she participated in the survivor parade. In this picture, all the people in pink are the survivors. They make a pink ribbon and people take pictures from the sky. Every survivor gets a copy of the photo mailed to them. It was amazing to see the women who had beaten this disease for 50 years, and equally amazing to see the women who are fighting hard just a year after their diagnosis. I wasn't nearly as emotional this year and I was last year - at least until I saw my mom in the crowd with all the survivors. Then I pretty much lost it.

Next year, mom and I will walk not just for her, but for her sister, Vikki, who was diagnosed with the same exact breast cancer as my mom just last week. They are like night and day as far as how they handle things, so it's going to be a huge struggle for her; even more than it was for mom. She has surgery in early may and then we'll know more about what she's actually facing.

The new mantra of The Komen Foundation is I AM THE CURE. And it's true. This is from their website:


Komen for the Cure has developed a compelling educational initiative called I AM THE CURE.™ This program empowers people with the knowledge that early detection truly makes a difference. More importantly, it motivates people to take an active role in their own breast health. These words, and the simple steps that lead to early detection, will come to life as thousands of Komen Race for the Cure® participants make I AM THE CURE.™ their rallying cry on Race day. "

It's a rally cry and a cause I can get behind. For my mother. For my aunt. For myself. For the millions of women and men around the world facing this disease and winning every day.

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