How to Say I Love You

It's hard to believe that Tim and I have already been married for two and a half months. In that time we have gone to Jamaica (the best honeymoon ever!), been to three other weddings, survived our first holiday season as a married couple, done countless loads of laundry and rearranging and unpacking of furniture, and fallen in love a little more each day.

There are some things that are so different and some things that are so similar about life before and after 10/21/06. I am often overwhelmed and humbled by the feeling i have for my husband, and vice versa. It is such a special feeling to look at the man you married and feel like the luckiest woman on the whole planet.

Here are some new ways I've learned to say I Love You.

You say I love you when you agree to spend your first married Christmas at your wife's house, even though you have horrible allergies and you know your asthma will be a problem what with the two dogs, two cats, birds, spider, and various other allergens in the air.

You say I love you when you are genuinely happy and excited that your husband gets to go on a work trip to Montreal without you, and genuinely disappointed with him when that trip falls through at the last minute.

You say I love you when you come home from a long day at work and still make a yummy dinner, without being asked.

You say I love you when you make the bed, even though it's not something you really care about in any way.

You say I love you when you try your best to deadbolt the door even though it's something you're not used to doing.

You say I love you when the uncomfortable moment's at a new years eve party are not nearly as important as being there with your husband, and getting to know his friends better.

You say I love you when you simply rub your wife's feet and kiss her temple at night.

You say I love you when you put down your book and pay attention to the video game your husband got for Christmas.

You say I love you when you remember to buy chicken soup because that's what your wife always had when she was sick as a little girl.

You say I love you by making sure that your spouse feels your touch and hears your voice before you leave for work and before you say goodnight.

You say I love you in a million little ways without ever using words.

I love that Tim and I are learning a whole new "love language" of our own. It's funny, but even at this very early stage in our marriage, I am learning that actions really do speak louder than words! I hear Tim's heart and devotion very clearly every day. My prayer is that he hears mine, as well!

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  1. Emily, I got tears in my eyes when I read this post. I think it was because I completely understand it. This "journey" that Stan and I have started together has been full of more learning than I could have ever imagined. I, too, have learned many ways to say "I love you."

    Do you ever find yourself walking along through your normal day, and then suddenly you are overwhelmed by the realization that you are married? I'm sure you know what I mean. It happens to me all of the time. And I just love that it keeps happening over and over again. That I keep being reminded how incredibly blessed I am to be married to Stan.