Are People Born WICKED?

Yesterday was a wonderful, wonderful day. After literally MONTHS of planning, Liz and I finally got to see WICKED together in Chicago.

It was a cold and blustery day, but it was perfect in so many ways. I have seen a lot of theater over the year, and seen a lot of quality shows and amazingly talented people through the years. While the recent touring cast of Les Mis was beyond words, I think WICKED may be the best thing I have seen on stage.

I fell in love with the musical long before I ever saw it. I really enjoyed the book, and when I heard they had made a musical out of it, I picked up the soundtrack without ever listening to it first. I was blown away. My favorite thing about the book was that, like many of Gregory Maguire's books, it took the POV of the person in the fairy tale you were supposed to hate and made her loveable. The ugly stepsister, the wicked with, the evil queen...telling their stories and showing that there truly are two sides to every story. Elphaba (also known as The Wicked Witch of the West) is a girl with hopes and passions who, in her heart, wants to do what is right. The world just sometimes seems to get the better of her. While telling too much would give away the mystery and surprises the show has to offer, it's worth saying this. Go see it. Now.

And, getting to see it with Liz was something even more special. She quoted the lyrics from one of the songs in her toast at my wedding. She is one of those people who has changed me for the better, just by being in my life. And, i know our lives have been oh-so crazy lately, so getting to just spend time with her and hang out was wonderful. And the 50-cent bus ride from Chicago to Indy didn't hurt either!

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