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So, since the wedding, I haven't had a lot of time. That hasn't stopped me from once again reading like a crazy woman, though. it feels good to immerse myself in fiction again; even if most of it isn't 'high' literature like one would expect an English major such as myself to read! Anyway, here is a rundown of my most recent books (yes, a couple of them came before the wedding, but still) and a brief thought about each of them...yes, this could take awhile.

The Kite Runner
Beautifully written and sometimes horribly tragic. While it didn't make me cry, it came close many times. It's a book about a world and culture I know nothing about, but came away from feeling like I understood a little better. The bonds that unite people together are much thicker than we ever realize.

The Book Thief
Haunting and humbling. Told from the POV of death, this book recounts what it was like to live in the middle of Nazi Germany as a young german girl of questionable heritage. What makes this book a must-read is the narrator and his descriptions of how death sees the living.

Plain good ol' fantasy. Reminded me a lot of The Dragonriders of Pern series, but still very well written. If you like fantasy and getting lost in a good adventure story, this is one to read. Not sure how I feel about the movie; haven't seen it yet. Given my track record opinion on movies based on books, though, i'm not really holding my breath.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Books 5-12)
I love these books. Reading so many of them all in a row was a little tiresome, though. You just get to the point where you want something halfway good to happen to these poor children. However, the stories are unique and fun to read, just because the writer constantly interrupts himself to advise you how bad something is going to be or to define words. I haven't read the final book yet, so i'm not sure how it all ends yet.

Secret Society Girl
A library find on the new books shelf. I enjoyed this fictional account of what happens when girls are suddenly tapped to join elite MALE societies at an ivy leage college. Fun and silly.

She's Come Undone
Wow. This one was heavy. Just when you thought the poor girl's life would get a little bit better, nope. Tragic and heartbreaking, it was still amazingly well written and told. I found a little of myself in the story, and saw a little of my own craziness about weight and the like in her story.

Reconstructing Natalie
This one was bought on a whim at Sam's Club. I thought maybe I would give it to my mom, but decided to read it first. it's about a 27 year old girl who gets breast cancer and how she deals with having a double mastectomy and finding her voice again when she feels so lost and scared. A "Women of Faith" book, it had a strong a positive message.

Harvesting the Heart
One of my favorite authors. While there seems to almost by a system to the way she writes, I still enjoy her books. this one was about the fear of failure that comes when you don't live up to expectations and when you are faced with the ultimate responsibility of being a parent. Well written and thought-provoking.

For Women Only* reading
this was a gift to help me understand my husband better!

Sacred Marriage* reading
Again a gift. Just started reading it, so we'll see what i think about it later.

The Cymry Ring* reading
Just started it last night.

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