Jumble of Thoughts

For the last several days I have been thinking "I should blog about that." Now that I have a minute to actually do so, I'm not sure I can even remember the four or five "thats" that I was going to explore...so, this could be one disjointed blog.

First things first. I've started a "wish list" of Christian books I would like to have concerning marriage. I know no book can really prepare one for that whole man and wife forever thing, but they're all suggested reading (either by someone I know or the wonderful people at Relevant). Anyway, the wish list is over on the sidebar, in case you're curious.

Wedding plans are moving along nicely, I think. It's hard to gauge where we are and where we should be, but I feel like we've got a good start. However, I still have the overwhelming desire to actually finish it all RIGHT NOW. That could have something to do with my good friend Diane, who just got engaged, and has everything planned already...at least on paper. I'm enjoying the planning, but am also very glad this is only something we have to do once, at least for ourselves! I've decided on colors, I think. Wine & Cinnamon. It kind of sounds like a drink mixer, but I'm a fan.

I really enjoy Itunes and my Ipod. However, I find it really annoying and frustrating that there are some songs that you cannot just buy on their own-you have to buy the whole CD. I would much rather just spend the 99 cents on the song I want than 9.99 on a CD which I'm sure is fine, but I have no desire to own. So that's frustrating and I really don't want to have to download or purchase another music player just to get one song. Maybe I'll see if Eric can find it somewhere...

Other thoughts:
I've been enjoying the Olympics, at least the little bit I've watched of them. It's funny, they bring out either the best or the worst in people. You never see apathetic people getting featured, anyway. Snowboarding has been my favorite so far. I watched some Moguls last night. Not sure how that doesn't break your legs, but whatever!

Liz and I are going to look at Bridesmaid dresses this weekend. Yay! That should be fun. This will be the first outing she and I have really done for the wedding...which is kind of sad that it's taken this long, but oh well. We'll remedy that on Saturday!

We leave for Ireland in a little over a month. I miss Paul and Abigail and cannot wait to see them. I also cannot wait to meet little Leyton Mark Steiner. So excited.

I'm tired today. Seems I've been tired for weeks now. Getting used to not really having my assistant anymore (she's in grad school and works part time for me and another guy here) has been hard. I didn't realize how much she did or at least how much that 4-6 hours she was around to help me a week mattered.

Yesterday I was in a grumpy mood. I was sad. I just wanted to be sad. And so I was. But then, as I watched Lost, my head on Tim's shoulder, it all melted away. Not because of Lost, but because he was there to hold me. To love me. I cannot wait for the day when he doesn't have to leave at night and go home. I can't wait until we have a home together. Full of love. Full of hope. Full of promise.

(final thought--does anyone else find it a bit ironic that the blogger spellcheck does not recognize the world "blog"?)

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