My Mother--The Funniest Woman I Know

Whenever my mom calls and begins a conversation with "I just had the strangest thing happen to me" I know it's going to be funny. Today was no exception.

So mom calls. She doesn't have to work today (lucky her). She's in Fort Wayne for whatever reason and had a mileage check that she wanted to deposit into an account she recently opened at 5/3. The check is for like 114.76 or something. So, she decides that, since she's going to the bank, she'll go ahead and take her change in. This will round up her deposit to an even number and get some of the change off of her desk.

So, she takes the money in. The woman takes her check and her deposit slip...and the baggies of change, which she has nicely had already separated into like coin. THEN the woman tells her that she can't take her change. She'll have to send it to Indianapolis to have it counted. Then they'll put whatever amount it is in her account. My mom stares at her open mouthed. The conversation then goes something like this...

Mom--"You can't take my money?"

Holly--"No. What if I get busy?"

Mom looks around and notices that there is no one else in the entire branch.

Mom--"So you have to send my change to Indy?"


Mom--"Will you give me a receipt?"

Holly--"No. I don't know how much is there."

Mom just stares.

Mom--""So you want me to give you my change, without a receipt so you can send it to Indy to count it. What if they get a different number than I did?"

Holly--"They'll just debit or credit your account."

Mom--"I don't think so. You'll have to give me back my change. I'll take it to my other bank. They don't seem to care if I use change."

So mom takes her change and leaves.

I love it. I was laughing so hard I almost cried. I love my mom. She makes me laugh so hard. The strangest things always seem to happen to both of us when we're together. I would have loved to been there today.

I mean, honestly, who has ever heard of a BANK not taking someone's money??

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