Where I Went

So, it turns out April is a really bad month for me to try and consistently blog. Add Easter the last day of March and April started crazy and went right on being crazy. I had meetings, appointments, vacation, Race for the Cure weekend, hanging out, small group, work, work, work, birthdays, house stuff, life...it was just a crazy month. Add getting sick to that mix and I'm sorry, I failed at the A to Z challenge. I liked my little story, though, and do plan to finish it. I think it's important to finish the things that you start, even if it takes forever to actually get them done.

May is shaping up to being equally crazy, followed by my summer - working full time and doing my internship to finish up my library science degree. It's going to be fun, but exhausting. As much as i'm not one to wish time away, I'm hoping to survive these next few months in style and come mid-August, I'm already looking forward to my Women of Faith weekend with Beth!

I will try to blog - if I find anything worth writing about and that isn't too introspective (since that makes people think I'm sad when really I'm just lost in my thoughts!)

Don't give up on me, blogging friends. Life is busy, but good. It will continue to be good, but better!

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  1. Your blog is fantastic!!:))
    I’m following you and I have hope you will do this same 