Five Minute Friday: Brave


Sometimes He calms the storm. Sometimes He calms me. I have to remember that. I have to remember that no matter how much red is on my radar, He has control. I have to remember that as scary as the storm is, I am not asked to calm it, just trust through it. For me, that is what being brave looks like.

Brave is going through the storm when you'd rather turn the other way.
Brave is admitting you can't control the winds that blow.
Brave is watching the storm move in and staying rooted where you are.
Brave is trusting that you will make it through, no matter how scary and uncertain it feels right now. Brave is being still when the world says run.
Brave is standing up for the right, when the world says it's wrong.
Brave is trusting.
Brave is loving.
Brave is smart, but not calculated.
Brave is honest.
Brave is forthright.
Brave is believing.

There comes a moment in every single day when God asks me to be brave. Sometimes He asks me to be brave in little things - sending emails, answering questions, talking to people I don't know well. Sometimes He asks me to be brave in big things - trusting that He has the answers, even when they're hard and trusting that His plan is better than anything I can ever imagine.

I have lived a truly blessed life. There have been down moments, to be sure. There has been heartache and sadness, but there has been way more joy and happiness. There have been tears, but there have always been more laughs. There has been uncertainty, and there has been a clear path. There has been the call to be Brave in the big and the little: in trusting and hoping and wishing and dreaming; in loving and laughing and wondering and smiling; in tears and heartache and sadness and loneliness. There has been the call, above all, to be His. And being His means being Brave.



  1. I love that you can be brave in big things and small things, and bravery is required regardless of the size. Sometimes the little things require more repetitive bravery, which can be just as challenging, if not more. Thanks for sharing today!

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I love your list of what "brave" is. So very true.

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM

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