This year is about being ready.

Ready for adventure.
Ready for the unexpected.
Ready to risk more.
Ready to believe more.
Ready to stick my neck out more.
Ready to love deeper.
Ready to make new friends.
Ready to evaluate what really matters.
Ready to be open to change.
Ready to face my fears.
Ready to admit when I need help.
Ready to help others.
Ready to give more.
Ready to serve more.
Ready to be more.
Ready for life to change.
Ready for life to stay the same.
Ready to leap without knowing where I'll land.
Ready to be even more me.
Ready for anything. And everything.


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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! =) http://nobodyputssarahinthecorner.com/2013/01/03/liebster-award-for-my-beloveds/