Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

Today's Topic: Opportunity


Opportunity. It's so easy to miss.

The email gets stuck in the spam filter.
You screen the phone call.
No message left.

You don't risk asking if the position is available.
You instead allow yourself to be complacent.
To be your version of content.

You don't ask the questions.
The answers might make you uncomfortable.
So you sit and miss another opportunity.

Embracing opportunities is about risk. About love. About trust. About knowing that you're not the person who is really telling the story of your life. You are a part of a bigger narrative. And that story may take you to another part of the world, to a job in a new city, into a deeper relationship with someone you barely know but could be just what your heart needs.

Opportunity is about embracing the moment. The now. The instant when you have to choose between where you are and where you could be.

I've missed a lot of opportunities in my life. I've said no when I should have said yes. I've been too scared to make a mistake to take a risk. I've stayed still when everything inside me was begging me to move. I've missed moments that I regret.

Opportunity. It comes again and again. Just because you miss one doesn't mean you  miss them all. Just because you were scared once doesn't mean you have to be scared again. Just because you said no doesn't mean you never can say yes. Just because one door shuts, doesn't mean you can't find another one to open.

That's the thing about Opportunity, after all. She doesn't seem to take no for answer for long. You can keep saying no all you want, but she will keep coming back, making you offers. When you learn to not refuse them all...well, that's when Opportunity dances because you risked.


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  1. Risk and love ... reading that I got chills right down my back. Those two are so inextricably linked, aren't they? I love that reminder and I needed it today. Thank you.