Simple Sunday

Today's Simple Sunday post is all about rest. This morning, what was left of Isaac finally rolled through Indiana. It was rainy, dreary and humid. Getting out of bed was hard, regardless of the fact that Madi wanted up at like 6:55am. Puppy out, check. Then we curled up on the couch and slept for a little while. Rest was the name of the game early today, and still is. Unexpected friends at church and a planned lunch gave way to a nice, long nap for me! I didn't really sleep well last night, so a cuddly dog and rainy weather meant I napped, napped, napped. Now, here I am in my pajamas at 6:50pm, watching TV, blogging and doing some reading.

I don't think we value rest as much as we should.We are a busy, busy culture. We run from event to event, from work to home to work to meetings to work...you get the point. And we're not very good at just resting.

When was the last time you sat still and just rested? When was the last time you let yourself do nothing and enjoy it? Today, I want you to rest. To relax. To take time to just be still. And actually let yourself enjoy it!

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