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August 31 Topic: CHANGE

Of course. The first time I decide to actually participate in five minute Friday and the post is supposed to be about change.

I'm bad at change. It stresses me out. In makes me anxious and unsettled. It makes me uncomfortable and way more interested in just staying at home and putting on pajamas and hiding.

Change means something has happened. Something different. Good or bad, things cannot stay the same way anymore. We move on. We leave jobs. We find new friends. We escape our situation. We change because our world has somehow changed.

For me, lately, it's been about changing friendships. Friendships that had sustained me for years are suddenly work; new friendships are coming from unlikely places. I feel like there are people in my life, people that I would do anything for, that see me as someone who isn't as important, isn't as necessary, isn't part of their world as much anymore. And really, I know that happens. I know it is part of life. I know that the people I was once close to I won't always be close to. But, that doesn't make it hurt any less. It doesn't make it okay. But, because God is faithful, for every changing friendship (in a bad way), I've met new people who understand me. Who love me. Who get me.

I'm grateful for the changing world of my friends. I'm grateful for each person who has walked a part of my journey thus far and excited to see the people that will walk through the next few stages with me. My friendships are changing. I am changing. Life is changing.

You cannot stop change, but you can embrace it.


  1. Relationships are so tricky to navigate at times. I'm so glad that you have this attitude and that you decided to join us and share it. Thank you for your honesty first time out! Please keep joining.

  2. Such a nice, truthful post.