Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  • All the political ads/signs/facebook posts/tweets everywhere. I'm all about voting and being an informed voter, but the rhetoric is just insane. It is exhausting and tiring.
  • Being officially the shortest of all 4 of my siblings. By a lot. Where did everyone else get the talls genes? Bummer.
  • Driving home from dinner in Amish country in the rain and not seeing the buggies until you're almost on top of them!
  • The noises my stomach is making. I really must start getting up in time to eat breakfast!
  • A much less stressful week at the office. Either I'm in a better place or my work load is lighter this week.
  • Seeing my sister, stepmom and brother on Saturday. I was a bit nervous (it had been way too long) but it was just like old times. Can't wait to see them all (and Joe) again!
  • A weekend with my mom, laughing and just relaxing.
  • Spending way less time on social media this week. Maybe that's why I'm in a good mood?
  • How fast this week is going!

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