I've decided my life is cluttered and crazy. I'm always on the move and always doing something. So, I'm devoting Sundays to simplicity. I'm devoting Sundays to slowing down, to resting more, and to reflection. I'm calling Sundays my day, and even on days like today (when I have meetings and projects and life trying to get in the way) I am focusing on the simple things that make my life sweet.

Today, it's about simple energy. It was our college kick-off at church. And, at the 11:00am service, the feeling in the room was...palpable...electric...awesome. As much as I want to complain about living in a college town, there is something amazing about it, too. The students add so much life and so much energy to our church, to our services and to the impact we can make. As much as the added congestion stinks, the added life is worth it.

Their energy lifted me to a new place today; a place where even I felt like I could go out and accomplish something huge! So, that's my first simple thought:

find energy where you are.


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I should adopt it as well. Life is so busy. It's nice to have a day just to focus on slowing down and enjoying the simple things.

    Have a great day!

  2. We all need to take more breathes. Breath in slowly and exhale slowly. I wonder if my life is without enough energy. Interesting.

  3. LOVE that idea - Simple Sunday. (Even if "simple" is actually doing work, it still helps life be "simple" because then there isn't so much to get done during the week.) :D