Things, they are a' changing

So I've gone back and forth about whether to move my blog (like I said in a previous post). But, as much as I love all the Wordpress blogs I see, the time and energy that would be required to actually move my blog is more than I can thing of. So, instead, I'm refocusing and giving my blog a new life.

That being said, I would love love love a custom blog template. Does anyone have anyone they recommend out there? I don't want to spend a fortune, but would like something more...me...than what blogger really offers. I would also love a custom header, etc.

Also, I have been looking at other blogs I enjoy and I've come up with at least 3 "theme" days, which I think will help me find focus and have more fun with this process. Those will start next week - hopefully.

I definitely want to incorporate more pictures into my blog, but I know a lot of bloggers have gotten into trouble recently for using images they find on Google. So, I'm finding my way around that...and will probably be asking my awesome friend Sarah her thoughts!

Also, the blog I was so excited to write reviews for has decided to shut down. I am so sad about it, but actively looking for a new place to review books and read new stuff. I don't want to turn this into a book blog. I strongly feel like there are more than enough of those out there in the world; I just want to contribute to one!

So, stay tuned for more changes and excitement...coming soon to this blog address!

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