U is for Unexpected

I used to like to have everything planned out. And, while I am not still a big fan of surprises, I am learning to appreciate the unexpected, especially when it's GOOD unexpected. (Bad unexpected still makes me panic and want to run away). Whether it is an unexpected phone call that brings news or an unexpected job that brings satisfaction, I appreciate it. When I unexpectedly run into someone I haven't seen in years in a hotel in Las Vegas, that makes me appreciate the unexpected.

This post really goes hand-in-hand with my T is for Today post. It's only when I stop freaking out and obsessing about what I can't control that I learn to really find the joy in the unexpected parts of life. When I am in control-freak mode and wanting to have all my "t"s crossed and "i"s dotted, it is exhausting and the unexpected in annoying instead of refreshing.

The big challenge right now is to learn to appreciate the unexpected that doesn't bring with it happiness and good news. Because, there is still value in that, but it's a lot harder to see! I'm learning to love the unexpected good stuff, and not freak out about the unexpected bad stuff.

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  1. 'The Road to Unexpected'.
    hm. sounds like a title to a book. *thinking furiously*

    first word verification in a long time, btw