Finish Year Friday #1

I've decided each Friday this year that I will go ahead and post updates on my Finish Year Goals. It holds me accountable and gives Fridays a purpose on my blog. So, it's a double-win for me!

The goals are listed on the page linked above. Here is how this week has gone...
  1. I started counting calories again this week (going simple and old school) and will get three workouts in. Not great, but a good start. My "recommended" caloric intake of 1200 was leaving me starving and headachey, so I decided to bump it up to 1500 for this week and slowly go down. I'm not noticing any changes this week, but having some control over it is a good thing.
  2. I am going to start "Moon over Manifest," the 2011 winner, this weekend!
  3. I've been blogging more often, that's for sure. Fridays now have a purpose. I'm debating stealing my friend Sarah's Thursday post ideas...any ideas for the rest of the week? I also started a Facebook page for my blog, because I'm hoping that will attract more readers AND more ideas for content!
  4. Three cards mailed today! I am going to have to buy stamps, and I would love to find some awesome stationary to go with my letter-writing campaign.
  5. This one is a big fat zero this week. I seriously need a Bible reading plan. Any suggestions?
  6. Right now this is a prayer focus and I've been scribbling drama ideas, but I need some more solid time devoted to fleshing out skits, etc.
  7. I am hoping to devote 2 hours this weekend to writing. Not a lot, but it's a start, right?
  8. I wrote my first blog in FOREVER for our women's ministry blog. I might work on making it something to submit. I need to have it edited and critiqued first, however.
Are you doing a Finish Year in 2012? What are your goals?

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