Finish Year

Last week, Jon Acuff, who is one of my favorite authors and bloggers, issued a challenge to his readers. His challenge was simple and crazy complex at the same time. He has decided to call 2012 his Finish Year. You know, the year where  we make resolutions that we actually keep and make plans we can actually follow through with for once. You can read all about it here. I thought about it for quite a long time before coming up with goals for my 2012.

It was hard to come up with things we can finish. It's hard to come up with goals that are attainable and realistic. At the same time, you want goals that are challenging and will push you to do something bigger than yourself.

Here is my initial list:
  1. I am committed to change my lifestyle. I am going to stop making excuses and do it. Healthy eating and more working out, here I come.
  2. I will read all the books on the Newbery Winner list.
  3. I will blog regularly and create a purpose for my blog other than my generic ramblings.
  4. I will write real letters to friends, instead of quick emails that are full of half-thoughts.
  5. I will read my Bible every day and commit scripture to memory.
  6. I will make our annual retreat for young girls (ages 12-18), One Girl, the best I can by committing time, energy and talents to every meeting, session and the actual event.
  7. Finish the first draft of a book.
  8. Submit at least 3 articles or stories for publication, regardless of outcome. The key is to submit.

I'm the first to admit that's a pretty big list. And, I am really scared when I look at that list. There is a lot of work there. It is going to require a lot of dedication to make it work. I'm nervous, but excited. I am going to start a page above that will be just for tracking my Finish Year goals.
What are you going to finish in 2012?

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  1. The keys are to just keep writing real writing and submit submit submit.