Who Do I Write For?

Lately I've been struggling a little with the whole blog thing.  I really enjoy writing it.  It's a good lesson in consistency for me.  But, I've been struggling a lot with why I write this thing and who I write for. 

If I write for me...
...it's personal, what is happening at that moment in my life.
...there are probably going to be a few grammar errors, etc.
...it isn't going to be very interesting for anyone else to read.
...it's going to be a little bit of a jumble of my thoughts, feelings and emotions for the day.
...it's going to be raw - and I will say whatever I want whenever I want it.
...I will vent (and whine) more.

If I write for anyone else...
...it's going to be edited a little more.
...I won't say things that might be misconstrued or misrepresented.
...I won't run to writing to vent or release emotions as easily.
...I will try to be uplifting and inspiring.
...I will work harder to make what I have to say interesting.
...I will put value on how people respond to my blog.

For me, the struggle to define my audience is an ongoing one.  So often, I want to just come here to vent my fears and frustrations and everything else, but I've made this a public journal, so I don't feel that is "appropriate" most of the time.  I do spend some time worrying about what I'm saying, how I'm saying it, and if what I'm saying is being read.  I get a little sad when no one comments on my posts and get discouraged when it seems like no one has anything to say about what I have to say.

This ongoing experiment - to blog and to make my blog more than just words on a screen - is harder than I thought.  Harder to define; harder to express.  Who should I write for?  What should I say?  What shouldn't I say?  What will this blog look like in 3 months?  In 6 months?  In a year?


  1. Emily, sometimes I wonder the same things about myself and my blog!

  2. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I've read every single one!

  3. Write for yourself first. That great philosopher Ricky Nelson said, "you can't please everyone, but you gotta please yourself."

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I read your posts and enjoy them a lot. Sometimes they encourage me to know Im not going through something by myself, sometimes I laugh, and sometimes I stop and think because you've put a new perspective on something. What I see is that you are authentic and you let yourself show through and that is a wonderful thing! Let God guide you on what to write.. He is using you though "the journey" for a purpose. Your writing is a gift from Him. So maybe one time you will write for someone other than yourself and only God will know who they are and then other times you will be writing for you and again God will use it for His purpose. So write and let your heart speak. I just read today.. that if Satan can steal your passion he gains your power.. writing is your passion.. don't let him steal it! Love you! Kerri