The "Little" Brother

Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.  ~Susan Scarf Merrell

an old but good pic of Cam & I

I woke up this morning with my youngest brother, Cameron, on my heart.  He's 12 years younger than me, and a great young man.  I almost called him a "kid" but seeing as he's almost 20, I would say he's not a kid at all.  (Not to mention he's about a foot taller than me).  Regardless, we have always had what I would consider a great relationship.  I'm sure the age difference helps with that because there was never any of that sibling rivalry or anything like that.  I've always been impressed by his strength and self-security.  He's always been a really confident, cool, calm guy.  And, as he's grown up and we've grown closer, I've found that I consider him just as much a friend as a relative.

Cameron is in school at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, which is kind of a big deal.  He's obviously wicked smart, but he's also crazy motivated to succeed and be the best he can be.  I know school is hard for him, but I'm always impressed with his work ethic and his ability to push through the crazy schedule and be successful.  He's finishing up his 5th semester at school in the next couple weeks, and I know it's hard and stressful, but I have every confidence he will succeed again this semester.  One of the benefits of having him only an hour away instead of 3+ is that we usually get to see him a little more.  Whether it's him coming here to hang out with us (do laundry) or us meeting him over there for dinner or just to say hi, it's been nice having him close.  I realized recently that this is the closest we've lived in basically our whole lives - and the most I've seen him, not counting breaks from college (mine) since I was 18.  I moved to Bloomington when Cam was in 1st grade!  It's amazing how fast time flies by!

I'm proud of the man my "little" brother is becoming.  He continues to impress me on many different levels!

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