Launch Yourself Fully

I haven't left my house today, so this blog will probably be short and to the point - nothing big happened to precipitate a blog, so I'm digging deeper into the "thinking" side of my brain.

I stumbled across a quote recently that I found meaningful:

Is there really any better advice than that?  We spend so much time looking into the future (as I have already blogged about) and forget about the present.  Thoreau has been a favorite author for years, but I have recently rediscovered him and some of my favorite quotes from him. 

When was the last time you found eternity in the moment you are living in?  When you stopped, looked at your life, and decided that it was good.  I feel like God does that with us every day and with every moment.  Our lives are but a blink of time to God, and from our birth to our death, he is writing eternity on our hearts and in our lives.

Recently, I was asked to write a poem for our Christmas Eve service.  It was a fantastic experience for me, and a lot of work.  As I reflected on the moment that God came to earth, I couldn't help but re-experience the first Christmas over and over again. He came and changed everything, but continued to live with eternity in each moment.  And, Christ didn't just come to watch the world, He came to fully experience the highs and lows of humanity.  He, as Thoreau said, "launched himself at every wave."  Every experience that we could experience, He did.  He loved, He lost, He cried, He worshipped; He laughed, He was angry. He was fully human and fully man.

If God Himself can come to earth and live fully, then why do we limit ourselves?  Why do we experience only a bit here and a bit there, but never really launch ourselves fully into our own experience? 

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