So It's Been A Month...

...since I last posted anything on this blog.  I'm sorry that my last post for so long was such a downer, too!  A lot has happened in the last month.  I will try and sum up as quickly as I can!

Madison had surgery on her leg about 6 weeks ago.  She is doing wonderfully and recovering quickly.  I just love that little doggy.  The first week after surgery was pretty tough, but she's been getting better and better.  And, today is her birthday.  She's grown a lot in the first year!

Madi at 7 weeks:

Madi at about a year...

She's a lot of fun, and still a lot of work.  I'm slowly getting used to the fact that we always have to think about when the dog will have time to play, eat, potty, etc.  She has been worth ALL the work, though.  Especially when I see the way Tim is with her!

In the last month I also had a birthday and turned 31.  Wee!  I don't feel any different than I felt at 21, so I guess that's a good thing.  Sometimes I can't believe I'm in my 30's already.  Life has flown by.  Somehow I didn't get any pictures of me on my birthday, but here is a fun one of Cameron and Tim.  Cam got the chest protector and helmet for his birthday - we were just proving it worked!

We planted tulips two years ago.  Last year we barely had any come up - this year they were all in full bloom.  It made coming home a lot of colorful fun for about a month!

We've been playing a lot of Wii lately.  It's fun and something we enjoy doing together.  Tim is MUCH better at baseball than I am, that's for sure!

Mom and I once again did the Race for the Cure in Indianapolis.  We realized this is the FIFTH year we've done the Race together and had our mother/daughter weekend.  I just love spending time with my mom and walking for a great cause.

Last week was a big week at Casa Bedwell.  We said a final farewell to the carpet in the Living Room and Dining Room and replaced it with laminate flooring.  I am amazed at the difference it makes.  We topped the flooring with some new furniture (no more mis-matched living room set!).  I don't have any "before" pictures handy, but here's the "after" shot...

Last, but not least, my prayers are being answered in reference to my last post.  I was recently cast in the MCCT production of Henry VIII - my first Shakespeare in the Park experience - and am auditioning for a new reperatory theatre in Bloomington next Monday. 

My life is good.  Busy, crazy and blessed.


  1. Don't worry, Josh kicks my tushy in Wii Baseball too. I just can't seem to swing ag the right time!

    Thanks for the updates!

  2. How cool, Emily! I am glad that you've been able to tap into a creative, theatrical venue! Good luck with the BRT opportunity! Glad to hear Madison is feeling better ;)