Good Riddance to My Faulty Gallbladder

Sorry it's been so long since I updated the blog. I was doing well updating there for awhile, and then life got so busy the first part of September!

Cameron is all moved into college. It's still strange for me to think of him as a college student. He's definitely an adult now, and that's obvious. He came to visit me one weekend, showing off his new programming skills already! I'm impressed with him every day. I know his program is hard, but I also have every confidence that he will do nothing but succeed.

On September 2, I had my first real surgery. I had been having some issues/feeling like poo for several months. Turns out I have a lazy gallbladder (considering I'm lazy in a lot of ways, this wasn't that surprising). Actually, correction, turns out I had a lazy gallbladder. As of 9/2/09 it no longer exists in my body.

The surgery experience stressed and scared me more than I thought it would. It's a routine surgery, and, quite frankly, a minor surgery, as well. But, I spent quite a bit of time from the day we scheduled it until the day it happened in freak out mode. I cried a lot. I worried a lot. I stressed a lot. It was bad, I'm not going to lie. God bless my husband and his amazing amount of patience and love for me. I have never felt so...undeserving...of him as a spouse as I have through the last 3 months.

The day of surgery I really wanted to run away. But, I didn't. The health care providers at the local hospital were great - understanding of my fears and did what they could to alleviate them! They were able to get the IV in the first time (and it hurt, but Tim held my hand), the anesthesiologist was a pro, asking the right questions and making me feel comfortable. They put something in my IV that made me a little lightheaded, and I was wheeled into the operating room. I remember thinking the room was cold, old and blue...and then I was waking up in recovery about 90 minutes later. I felt sick to my stomach and my throat had never been so dry.

Still out of it, they wheeled me up to the short stay floor and made me move from the gurney to the actual hospital bed. Apparently it was hard to do, because it seemed to take me forever! Then, I was brought ice and sprite and got to see Tim. He was so sweet and concerned. He said he met with the dr and surgery went as well as it could go. They were able to do it the easy way, and my gallbladder was damaged and definitely needed to come out.

Even though it was outpatient surgery, I was still in the hospital for about 10 hours. Longer than I thought I would be.

Recovery has been a lot slower than I anticipated. I had talked to a few people who were 'up and at 'em' within a couple days of their surgery. that was not me at all. Thursday and Friday were a blur of basically staying in bed and not moving more than necessary. Mom and cam came for saturday and sunday morning (and i cried when they left). Came back to work Tuesday, the 8th (mom's birthday). I'm still a little sore today and get tired easy, but am starting to feel more and more like myself.

Surgery was an interesting experience, and one I hope I don't have to have too often.