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In at attempt to re-motivate myself to write more, I pulled out the "novel" I started writing when I was in middle school, I think. It was a LONG time ago. The writing is...well, not good. But, just because it makes me laugh that I took these characters SO seriously, I thought I would post the first page for you here. (the date was 1994 in the book and I distinctly remember writing in "the future." You know you'll love it!

Chapter One
Have you ever been through something so terrible, so awful that you wish it were a horrid nightmare? That you'd wake up and everything would be normal? That's how I feel right now. For me, the past four years have been just that - a nightmare that never ended and just seemed to be getting worse - until now.

Now the world will know the truth.

Today is May 16, 1994, exactly four years after my sister, Lakety, was buried. Every year, I've come to this graveyard and thought about my sister's unfair death. She was only 16 when a single gunshot stopped her heart forever.

Through the tears swelling in my eyes, I can just make out the inscription on the tombstone. Lakety Marie Wilkins, March 9, 1974 - May 16, 1990, Love is a Time Honored Tradition.

My name is Ty Wilkins and I an now a senior at Welshire College in Vermont. I still remember my senior year of high school, a year I'd like to erase from my mind and pretend never happened.

Don't you love it? Some notes - I was obsessed with Lakety as the main character's name. Why? No idea. Every story I wrote during this time period had a female character named Lakety. Surprisingly, this even carried through to my first creative writing class in college.

I have no idea if there is a Welshire College or if it is in Vermont. I was too young to think about checking that kind of stuff out - and we definitely didn't have Internet at the time!

This story was typed using Lotus Word and printed on our dot matrix printer at home.

The book has a timeline, character sketches and all that stuff you're supposed to do when you write.

I never finished writing it, but I still know the story by heart and think, honestly, it's not that bad. I am still tempted to re-write it and finish it.

Grammar was not my strong suite at this point in my life.

Posting even the first part of this was hard for me. I really need to re-grow my writing backbone!

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  1. Loved reading this. Captivating beginning; I think you SHOULD finish it! And Lakety...wow. I have no words for that. :)