As Seen on TV

This post contains nothing of substance. You have been warned.

I've decided that if I had a lot of money (which I don't), I would be an infomercial maker's dream client. I get sucked into them so easily and they are soooo good at convincing me that I really need their product. Here are some of my current obsessions!

The Snuggie
Honestly, what is there not to like about a blanket...with sleeves?!?!? After trying to Facebook and blog from my couch, with only my normal fleece blanket and exposed arms, I can only imagine the joy the Snuggie must bring to those who are lucky enough to have them in their possession.

Now, I've heard that it is a poor imitation of the Slanket, but considering you get not one, but two snuggies for 19.95 (plus shipping and handling)and two book lites, I would believe the snuggie is a better deal! The Slanket is something like 44.95...for one. With no extras. What's up with that?

The Grabit
This one is more Tim's thing than mine, seeing as it's a tool and all. And, really, I don't need one. That being said, I know there is at least one screw in our porch (holding the flag bracket that is bent) that is stripped and we have no idea how to get it out. So, maybe the Grabit will be our miracle tool that will make life better!

The Shamwow!
Really. What can I say about the Shamwow! that hasn't already been said in the commercial. It's great, it's wonderful, it has super-powers beyond that of normal cleaning towels...and it comes in yellow and PINK! Plus, I've recently discovered that just saying "shamwow" is enough to get a few laughs...and add pizazz to any stifling old business email!

The Moo Mixer Supreme
Confession time. I love, love, love chocolate milk. I hate, hate, hate how long it takes to get the powder to dissolve into the milk sometimes (and that has nothing to do with the powder expiring in August of 2008, I'm sure). I mean, honestly, the Moo Mixes Supreme would help me achieve new heights of laziness and non-productivity in the kitchen. Now, if there was just some way to get it to actually drink the chocolate milk for me, too...

So, fess up, what's your favorite As Seen On TV product?


  1. We are destined to be lifelong best friends.

    My mother really wants a Snuggie (and, like you, wants almost anything that says "As Seen on TV".)

    The Grabit is the most awesome thing ever. I am an expert at making screws impossible to unscrew, and I would do it on purpose if I had a Grabit, just so I could use that cool thing.

    I actually bought something similar to the "Moo Mixer" once, at Target. It was Hershey's brand. I still have it. If you will come visit me, I will share it with you.

  2. Now I would never buy it, but I think the microphones that go in your ear to magnify sound are HILARIOUS. Do you know what I'm talking about?

    There's the angry wife that can't fall asleep cause her husband watches TV too loudly...

    And don't forget the new lady in the neighborhood that can eavesdrop on her neighbors across the street...

    Craziness. The commercial makes me laugh everytime.

  3. We got the SHAMWOW for Christmas! :) So for days, all I kept saying was, "ShamWOW!" :)

    I think the Snuggie is my all-time favorite commercial. Especially the guy who looks like a cop or airline pilot. He looks beyond ridiculous and very uncomfortable in his Snuggie. I think he could use a ShamWOW! :)

  4. haha the snuggie cracks me up!