Snow (that cold white stuff)

One of my absolute least favorite things about winter is snow - I know it's pretty, but it's no fun to drive in and it's seriously cold. But, today was the first real snow of the season, and it is very pretty. Despite having to drive in it today, I still enjoy looking outside and seeing the blanket of white. It's a perfect day to curl up, look at the lit Christmas tree and just enjoy the afternoon. And, that's exactly what I'm doing!

Snow always reminds me of being a little kid - I remember giant snowfall amounts growing up - once the roads were plowed, it was like being surrounded by walls of snow and ice. We would make snowmen and snow tunnels; snow forts and snow angels. We would sled, play and have snowball fights. And then, once we were cold and tired, we would go inside, shed about 50 layers of clothes, and drink mom's hot chocolate - the best stuff in the world. Evenings would be spent putting together puzzles and watching movies.

Snow was an excuse to be inside and to hang out with family and do nothing.

As an adult, snow is just one more thing to deal with - much of that joy is gone. I hate driving in it and the thought of winter just makes me a little bit grumpy.

My goal this year is to try and enjoy snow a little more. I want to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and to capture it on film. I want to make snowmen and play again! I want to marvel in the majesty of God's world in the winter like I do in the spring and summer. It is something to enjoy, right?!?!?

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