Falling out of love with PostSecret

A couple years ago (or maybe more) I happened upon a little-known, at least to me, website called PostSecret. It was a simple blog of anonymous postcards that people had submitted as an experiment. The idea was that if no one knew who you were, you could be free to share your innermost secret - your heartbreak, your joy, your confession - whatever secret you had been holding inside you for however long.

Each Sunday I would log on to PostSecret and read the newest secret. And, almost ever week, I would find something that would touch my heart. My favorite posts made me cry, made me think about my life, and made me want to make my own postcard and mail it to Frank. (I never did).

But, slowly over the last few months and weeks I've fallen out of love with the PostSecret website. Instead of touching and inspiring, more and more of the secrets have been about sexual escapades, affairs, hidden desires and unrequited lust. Disallusionment with God, which I can understand to a point, is replaced with hatred toward God. Admitting bigotry and other issues has turned into desires to do violence. The postcards I see on PostSecret now seem to be more shocking that revealing.

I don't know if this is because I am getting old and more conservative, or if I am just finding myself less tolerant of some issues...whatever it is, it's not a site I want to lead my friends to, hence the lack of links in this email. I may find myself on the PostSecret site again in the future, but I will no longer be making a concerted effort to check the site every Sunday. Who knows what the future holds with the site, but I know that starting my week with the secrets I see on there so often is no longer worth being exposed to on a regular basis...

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