What is with this weather?

I haven't really ever bought into the whole global warming thing - I mean, I know that we don't treat our environment well most of the time, but I still don't know that I ever really thought climate change, etc., was as bad as everyone said.

But, it seems like the last few months has had some of the strangest weather!  It was COLD in Indiana for a long time - a lot longer than I seem to remember.  When Tim and I returned from vacation, we actually had to turn on the heater for a couple nights - at the end of MAY!  Winter was strange - sometimes cold, lots of rain, not as much snow, more ice than I had ever seen - strange.

Now it's June and we've had some of the craziest storms.  I know it's not just Indiana (the what, 700 tornados around the country so far this year would prove that) but wow.  We've had some just plain insane storms - the other night I could basically do nothing but watch as the sheets of rain came down and flooded Bloomington!  Tonight, I'm sitting here at the church still - not because I have anything to do, but because Tim is still working and it looks like it might storm YET AGAIN.  

I don't like storms.  I like to pretend that I do sometimes, but I don't.  I like a nice gentle rain.  I am not a fan of tornado sirens, howling winds, and strong rains.  I don't know why it's something that has started to bother me more and more, but it is.  I would just as soon not have a storm to deal with...I hate it!  I don't want it to storm again.  I don't want to worry about hail and winds and trees coming down.  I don't want to be afraid.  I know I'm not supposed to be afraid, but I still am... Storms make my stomach hurt and my heart race.  I now it doesn't make sense, but this is my blog, and it is part of who I am!

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