The Week in Pictures...

...and words...

this week was VBX - it's always fun to see all the kids running around, singing, laughing, playing, and getting excited about learning about God. This year the theme was "International Treasure" and the kids learned about the importance of the Bible and what it really means for their lives.

For the first time in a few years, I got to be a part of the skits for VBX. I have such a good time doing it and I was so glad to be back. We had a lot of fun, and I got to wear my hair in pigtails for the week! It's like a week of improv, and it's great!

In the middle of the week, the weather here in Indiana decided to turn just plain scary. Bloomington flooded after some insane rain on Wednesday....

...and then Martinsville and 1/2 of Southern Indiana flooded on Saturday. The worst flood in almost 100 years - and it was insane just to see the pictures.

And that is a scale. I hate scales. But, i'm going to back to weight watchers soon. It's the only thing that seems to have worked.

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