Tired. So Very Tired.

Easter is over. The weekend was wonderful, if exhausting. Over 4,000 people attended one of our 6 services and I truly hope their lives were touched and enhanced by the experience. My prayer is that they felt the love of God and understood the sacrifice He was willing to make for them in a deeper way.

That being said, that many services in that short of an amount of time is a killer! I so appreciated everyone on staff that I saw this weekend - so many of them were there for most, if not all, of the services, whether they had an assigned task or not. For them to be willing to sacrifice their weekend with their family to be on hand for all those services was humbling to watch.

I know I griped and complained a lot last week...and I know Saturday I hit a wall...but I am so glad we did what we did, that my husband worked as hard as he worked, and that lives were touched.

I'm also really ready for a nap.

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  1. Amen, sistah! :)

    Scott went to all the stuff on Sat, then sunrise service and all the others yesterday and crashed HARD yesterday afternoon. I bet you did, too!! I got off easy this year with only Saturday stuff. :)

    Great job on everything, both of you!! Love you! Take it easy today!!