Random thought from this week...

Since I haven't really posted anything in a week, here is rough synopsis of the comings and goings of my life!

LASIK is awesome. I see a little better every day. It is taking awhile to get used to, and looking at the computer is still the hardest part (hence the not blogging for a week). The surgery itself took a whole like 12 minutes - and I went from being basically blind to being able to see. Talk about a humbling and amazing experience. The first couple hours afterward were definitely the worst part of the whole thing - but still nothing that a nap, once I finally fell asleep, didn't help remedy. I have my one-week appointment tomorrow and after that i will not have to put eye drops in ALL the time (seriously one of them is every two hours - and that goes fast when you stop to really think about it). I will also hopefully be able to actually wash my face again after tomorrow. Now, before you think I'm gross, the shower water is allowed to beat my face clean, I just can't apply cleanser and scrub like I want to!

Beside the itchy eyes, though, I'm loving it. It's strange to be able to see when I get up in the middle of the night, when I take a shower, stuff like that. My outside/distance vision is much clearer than the close-up stuff, but I am still functional now and know it will only get better!

The weight-loss has not gone as well this week. I am officially weighing-in tomorrow, but I don't have too high of hopes. Maintaining what I lost last week would be good. It's been a busy week, and busy means I've been eating less than well...so I hope to get back on it this week. Between messed up food of Friday because of the surgery and then just a series of busy nights and being burnt out on lean cuisine, yeah...So I'm still hopeful for a 0 gain/0 loss week, and am back to drinking my water hard-core today and writing down everything I eat again.

The play. Ah, the play. I was very excited about it, and still am interested in it, but am also a little frustrated. I was a little misled on my part (being much smaller than they told me) but know that it's still a way in. And, i know that anything is better than nothing and I'm not complaining (too much) about that. What i AM complaining about is the fact that I don't have a schedule, don't know when I'm expected to be there, where we're rehearsing any given night, or even the official run of the show. Now, those things are probably to be expected with some community theaters, but the others I have been involved in have NOT operated that way at all, so I am a little annoyed at the whole thing. I'm supposed to be stage-managing, but don't know when rehearsals are! And, I cannot let it rule my life, but also know I made a commitment. I have had several things come up this week and it's annoying that I don' t know when the next rehearsal is, so I'll let you know how all that goes down!

Other than that, it's just been one of those weeks - small group, Wednesday night stuff here at the church, went to a movie last night...

how has your week been?


  1. Ooh! What movie did you see? Oh wait, I know, the whole church practically went to see National Treasure together, right?

    So happy you can see!

    Not so happy that people can't be as organized as you and me! Haha.

    My week? Reading.

  2. You got lasik?!? Wow! Congratulations, that must be so cool. I am jealous. (but a healthy kind of jealous, I promise. :-)