The Drive of the WitchHunters

Ah, how wonderfully Wicked of a week I have had. Tuesday night, we went to see Wicked in Cincinnati. Tim and I ended up with a couple extra tickets, and we invited Scott & Cindy to join us for the evening. Now, I've known them both awhile. In fact, it was basically six years ago that Scott first interviewed me for a job at Sherwood Oaks. As his assistant, I got to know the fun and wacky work-Scott. Then, through him I met and worked with Cindy on musicals and VBS programs. I even babysat for them a couple times - but getting to know them better on Tuesday was a wonderful experience.

What I learned? Cindy and I have more in common than I could have imagined! Books, theater, scrapbooking, food, friendships, family...it was a, pardon the 80's expression...blast to chat with her on the way to Cincy and back. The whole evening was just so much fun. Dinner, a GREAT show, and time with friends. What more could one ask for? Even though I also managed to shut my thumb in the car door (it's about 10 different shades of purple today).

So the company was great, and the show? WONDERFUL! I cannot express how much I love this show. The music, the costuming, the lights, the characters - it's all just amazing. I could watch it again today and get something completely new out of it!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you.
    We couldn't possibly have had any more fun.
    (Unless we could've gotten Tim to sing "Defying Gravity.")
    We will surely obsess about this musical for a while. Now we have "Wicked" songs stuck in our heads instead of "Mama Mia."
    You are wicked awesome!!!!

  2. Helllooooo!!
    How far away is Cincinatti from your home? And how many times have you now seen "Wicked"? :-D

    love meagan

    p.s. I'm reviving my blog...are you willing to be my blogbuddy again?