Random Thoughts #410

I'm pretty sure I do a random thoughts blog quite often, so I decided an arbitrary number was in order for this one...

I learned something about my mom last time I was home that I just remembered recently. She doesn't really like strawberries. I was shocked. I've lived with this woman my entire life...and I remember always having strawberries and strawberry shortcake and all that in the house in the summer. Now, she doesn't hate them and she will eat them, but they're not something she would just choose to eat if there were other options. Who knew?!? I love strawberries and am glad that I don't have a food allergy against them, like Cameron did when he was little!

My family is crazy. Crazy funny, yes...but also just plain crazy. None of it would make sense to anyone who doesn't know my grandma, mom, and aunt, but wow. Mom called and filled me in all on the juicy details yesterday--I don't know when the last time was that I laughed that hard! It was hysterical, at least to me.

I watched about the last hour of the spelling bee last night--and cried when the girl won. Now, I will admit that I'm a little more inclined to be emotional right now that I usually am, but I'm pretty sure that's no excuse for crying because someone won the silly spelling bee!

I've started the annual headache that is the church directory. I can think of about a million other things I would rather do than deal with it, but I know it's important to get it done...and once it is done, we only have one more year on our contract with this company...and we better not renew it, that's all I'm saying!

Les Miserables will be in Indy in about six weeks. It's one of my absolute favorite shows, if not my favorite. I'm hoping to be able to make it up at some point to see it...just depends on the way the schedule works out.

Not a lot else. It's almost the weekend. It's been a four day week, but one of the longest in recent memory regardless!

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