Catching Up With Old Friends

The last few days have been very exciting, but have created a real sense of nostalgia in my life. It all started about a week and a half ago when I got in contact with a girl who I actually went to middle school with and then she moved away. We actually ran into each other several years later at our college graduation, as well. I was looking through some photos from an event that some people here at the church went to and found her again! Turns out she never left bloomington, either. At least, as of yesterday. We got together for dinner at the Encore Cafe and spent a good couple hours talking and catching up and just hanging out. It was tons of fun, actually. I was a little nervous about going because I really hadn't talked to this girl in what, 13 years, but it was fun. She's moving to Ft. Lauderdale in the middle of July to get her master's in marine biology, which is very cool. We're hoping to get together a couple more times in the next few weeks, before she leaves. So that was that.

Last Sunday was similar to that in many ways. If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know that two of our ministers left about this time last year. Phil & Phil, actually. While I won't go into all the sorted details of why they left (even though they are some interesting stories), they both were back in Bloomington on Sunday. So, Tim and I went to the house of a friend and hung out by the pool, soaked up some sun, and just caught up on what had been happening in their lives. It was great, and a little like coming home in some ways. It was strange to see them, but it also felt like nothing had really changed. Go figure. So, that was a great, relaxing, and wonderful Sunday. Probably the first Sunday in a really long time that I hadn't taken an afternoon nap and I didn't even really miss it.

I'm heading home to Albion for the weekend this afternoon. Mom informed me that the annual Chain-O-Lakes Festival is going on, so I will probably end up running into more people that I knew from some time in my past. What a crazy adventure life can be sometimes.

Check the wedding blog for the newest updates about all that crazy stuff!

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