Blinded by the Code

Let me start by saying this: I am deeply opposed to anything that perverts and jumbles the message of Jesus, the One whom I love and worship.

I admit it. I read "The DaVinci Code." I've found the controversy surrounding this book and soon to be released film both interesting and disappointing. I abhor the flippant way that Dan Brown tosses aside the basics of my faith. He took some serious liberties with the things that are not in the Biblical account of Christ's life. I know that there is a lot there to argue and I would never advocate that it's okay that he says the things he says.

The things that Brown talks about--the secret societies, the Mary Magdalene conspiracy, the search for the Holy grail--these are not new ideas or new controversies in our world. I'm pretty sure there has been speculation about some of those things since the dawn of Christianity. Even the things that are 'fact' in the book--the paintings, DaVinci, the Knights Templar--do nothing to change the way I view my faith or the way I view God. There have always been those who want to pervert the message of the cross---the over-abundance of strange religions, feel-good faith, and cults should testify to that. The sad reality is Christians are probably the people that drove this book to the best seller list. Think about it. Raising such a fuss only peaks interest and makes people want to read it and see what, if anything, we're hiding. If we hate it so much, it must be because he's hit upon a touchy subject, right? Wrong. There are just some Christians who like to get their self-righteous panties in a bunch sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there is nothing wrong with the book. I'm not saying that it's good (because, quite frankly, it was not written well). It should not be taken as something that should change opinions or lives. I think there are many things fundamentally wrong with it. However, dismissing it as horrible without even attempting to read it or learn about the subject is just as damaging as the book itself could be. If you're going to be so against something, at least take the time to educate yourself. And then, after you do that, live it out. If you're so against this movie, you better be against every other movie that comes out that is in direct contrast to your morals and beliefs. You can't boycot "The DaVinci Code" and then spend money on trash like "The Dukes of Hazzard." Sure, there may be nothing "christian-bashing" about it, but it's obviously sexual and demeaning to women, which goes against the Bible, as well.

Perhaps the thing I found most interesting is the covert discussion of the hypocrisy of the Church (in this case, the Catholic Church). I think it's a very real argument and something that we, as Christians, should take a little more seriously than we do. I know people that have been very interested in God and very disallusioned by the way Christians act (don't even get me started on Pat Robertson). If you hate the book, fine. If you think it's heretic (which it is, in my opinion), fine. But, at least take the time to know why you disagree and why you believe in something different entirely. Become and educated critic instead of just following blindly. If you're looking for what appears to be a good resource, check out this web page. I would like to read the Christian couterpart to the story.

Anyway, I guess I'm feeling a bit frustrated by people that dismiss things quickly and then hate them, without trying to see how to use it as an opportunity to change lives and make a difference for God. It's true, we're in the middle of a war. "The DiVinci Code" is not the culmination-it's just one small battle. Instead of hating, I would like to see more people step up to the plate and say, you know what, this isn't what I really believe God is all about, and here's why...Then, bash away if you still feel the need. Just be educated about it, first. Know what you believe and why you believe it.

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